Joy of Plants

We help Plant Retailers
sell lots more plants
(and Sundries too)
to happier customers

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Plant Finder: in Kiosks / Websites

The ‘Plant Team Assistant’ that leads customers to the right plants that you stock

Bed Cards - The “Silent Salesforce”

Print on your printer, as & when needed, straight to outdoor blanks

Website Plant Data: Images & Texts

Images and text to power your online selling

Nurseries & Growers Data

Add your ‘new plant’ info to our tools, to help your customers sell more plants

Phone apps

Find the plant information you need, wherever you are


Link to our page of info about a plant, free to use

The ‘Plant Finder’ Kiosk

in action

  • The ‘Plant Team Assistant’ supports staff and customers in answering questions & finding the right plants

  • A modern retail tool appeals to younger customers

  • (new for 2020) Recommend appropriate Care Products for each plant


It’s happening…

Let your customers find “Houseplants for Every Room”

Plant Finder (websites / kiosks) adds Houseplants by Room

Wyevale Nurseries “goes eco” with Joy of Plants

Correx POS boards replaced by “print on demand” Bed cards

Screen-fingered gardeners (and how to reach them)

Everyone uses touchscreens nowadays!


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