Plant info everywhere

At Joy of Plants we’ve created a QR-code for every plant in our database - point a phone camera at it, and see a ‘Plant Info’ webpage of complete details for that plant.

We supply these QR-codes free, for anyone to use: you can add them to your plant labels, point-of-sale, website and other publications. There are no restrictions on use.

You can download a single QR code, or (at hub.joyofplants.com ) upload your plant list, match it to plants in the Joy of Plants database, and download your matched plant list complete with links to each plant’s QR-code.

How do people “read” QR-codes?

  • On modern phones you can just use the Camera app, and the phone will recognise the QR-code and invite you to open its web page.
  • There may, however, be a Setting that you need to set to enable this behaviour.
  • On older phones, you need to download a QR-code-reader app (there are many).